Oligoforce Serum Soothing


It relieves skin redness and sensitivity protecting the skin from skin film damage and excess cleansing causing skin redness.

Contained the oriental herb ingredients such as Gleditschia, Polygonum, Prunella and Cnidium, it has an anti-inflammatory action, prevents skin’s roughen due to skin trouble and gives comfort and soothing effect to the sensitive skin.

With its hydrolipophilic texture, it forms an oily free and nonsticky hydration film. When it is used with other line products an additional reaction effect could be obtained.


Size: 50ml

How to Use

After using the toner, in a thin layer apply few drops on the skin When Oligoforce Serum is absorbed sufficiently, apply a cream suited to the skin type.

All Ingredients

Sea Salt, Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Acell-300

Containing Oligomer and Ocean mineral ingredients, it gives nutrition to the cell, destressed the skin and relieves irritation to give comfort and soothing effect on the sensitive skin.

Skin type : sensitive skin