Oclearien Layered Line 3 Piece Set


Our Toner Mist is carefully crafted to refresh and hydrate your skin, leaving it revitalized and glowing.

The Serum is infused with potent anti-aging ingredients, including Adenosine, to combat wrinkles and promote a youthful complexion.

Complete your skincare routine with our Cream, specially formulated to deeply nourish and moisturize, unveiling smoother and healthier-looking skin.

All three products are free from harmful Parabens, ensuring gentle care for your skin.

Embrace the natural goodness of Oclearien's ingredients, earning it the EWG Green Grade, making it safe for you and the environment.


•Key Functions: Experience the power of brightening and anti-aging with our potent skincare set. Each product is thoughtfully formulated to deliver exceptional results.

• Toner Mist Net Weight: 155ml / 5.24 fl. oz.
• Serum Net Weight: 30ml / 1.01 fl. oz.
• Cream Net Weight: 50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

• Manufacturer: Proudly crafted by COSMECCA KOREA, ensuring the highest quality standards for your skincare regimen.

• Brand: Trust in the name of Oclearien, a brand dedicated to providing effective and nourishing skincare solutions.

• Country of Origin: Made in South Korea, a hub of innovation and expertise in skincare products.

How to Use

💦 Layered Toner Mist 💦
• After cleansing your face, wait for it to dry.
• Delicately spray the Layered Toner Mist all over your face for a refreshing burst of moisture.
• For better absorption, gently wrap your face with your hands or tap lightly.

🌿 Layered Natural Serum 🌿
• After applying the toner, take an appropriate amount of the Oclearien Layered Natural Serum.
• For optimal results, avoid using other essence, ampoule, or serum.
• Apply the serum evenly, moving from the inside of your face to the outside. You can use a dropper if needed.
• Gently massage the serum into your skin and pat lightly for effective absorption.

🌟 Layered Cream 🌟
• Incorporate the Layered Cream into your morning and evening routine.
• Take a suitable amount of the cream and gently spread it onto your skin.
• Massage the cream into your skin using gentle, circular motions, promoting optimal absorption.

Key Ingredient

• Centella Asiatica Extract
• Niacinamide
• Adenisine

All Ingredients

Please check all ingredients on each product page

Serum: https://oclearien.com/products/oclearien-layered-natural-serum

Cream: https://oclearien.com/products/oclearien-layered-natural-cream

Toner Mist: https://oclearien.com/products/oclearien-layered-toner-mist

Precautions for use

1. Consult with a specialist if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area to be used when using cosmetics or after use by direct sunlight
2. Refrain from using on wounded areas.
3. Precautions for storage and handling
1) Keep out of reach of children.
2) Store away from direct sunlight

*For more details, please read the cautions on the packaging of each product.


Q. How long can one product be used?
A. Oclearien Layered Toner Mist (155ml) can last an average of 30 days when used twice daily in the morning and evening. Oclearien Layered Serum (30ml) can be used for about 30 days under the same usage frequency. Oclearien Layered Cream (50ml) can last an average of 60 days with the same application routine.
Cleared Enzyme Cleanser provides an average of 50 days' worth of transformative skincare. Please note that individual usage may vary.

Q. Can I use it if I have sensitive skin?
A. Yes, absolutely! The Oclearien Layered Toner Mist, Serum, and Cream are specially formulated to be gentle and hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend conducting a 'patch test' first before full application. Simply apply a small amount of the product on the inside of your wrist or behind your ear, observe for 2-3 hours, and proceed if there are no adverse reactions.

Q. When should I use each product?
A. For optimal results, we recommend incorporating the Oclearien Layered Toner Mist into your morning and evening skincare routine after cleansing. Follow up with the Oclearien Layered Serum, applying it as the next step after toner or skin. Lastly, complete your skincare routine by applying the Oclearien Layered Cream as the final step after the serum. This effective layering technique ensures that each product's benefits are maximized for a brighter and more youthful complexion. Additionally, feel free to use the toner mist anytime your skin needs a refreshing boost of hydration throughout the day.

Oclearien Layered Line 3 Piece Set

  • Key Function: Brightening, Anti-aging
  • Toner Mist Net Weight: 155ml / 5.24 fl. oz.
  • Serum Net Weight: 30ml / 1.01 fl. oz.
  • Cream Net Weight: 50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.
  • Manufacturer: COSMECCA KOREA
  • Brand: Oclearien
  • Country of Origin: South Korea